Update on Issue One - Will be hitting the streets in the next few weeks!

Just to pass along some info - issue #1 of the zine is nearing completion, and should be printing in the next few weeks.  I am aiming to have it out by May 1st AT LATEST.  Hopefully I can have it out a little bit before that, even.

Here is a little preview and rundown of what to expect in the first issue, and the issues to come:

  • An interview with up-and-coming Quebeçois (French Canadian) Oi!/RAC band Section Saint-Laurent
  • reviews of many new (and even some as yet unreleased) skinhead rock’n’roll records from around the world (this issue has the Wrongdoers LP, Maraboots / Stomper 98's new split 7”, the Revilers self-titled LP, and MANY more!)
  • reviews of other zines and books related to the skinhead cult as well - IF YOU HAVE A ZINE YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO REVIEW, PLEASE MESSAGE ME!
  • Top Ten Lists - Classic skinhead zines of the ’80s and ’90s always had a section devoted to readers’ and contributors’ “Top Tens” and we are bringing that back - with lists of different skins’ 10 favorite songs at the moment
  • And much, MUCH more!  There are other interviews in the works, and lots of other content being done - as we put the finishing touches on the issue.

So, thanks for following this blog - and stay tuned for more information on how to get your copy!  I am going to be printing these in batches of 50, and until Issue #2 is out, no one will be turned down!  I’ll keep printing as many as there are demand for.  However, once issue #2 is out, the remaining copies of #1 will be the last ones available.  Make sense?

This zine aims to be THE source for information on the scene outside of the internet.  As keeping traditions is so important to skinheads, the guys behind Patriotic Voice really feel that the DIY print skin zine is a tradition that oughtta be given resuscitating dose of CPR and kept alive!  We want the readers to participate, as well!  Issue #1 is pretty much settled content-wise, but for issue #2 we will be accepting submissions.  Not everything submitted will be used, but it won’t hurt to try!  Send all submissions to patrioticvoiceskinzine [at] gmail [dot] com.

So, thanks for reading… thanks for following… and thanks for the support.  Long live Oi!

PLEASE RE-BLOG THIS!!  The first five people to re-blog this post will get a message in the next day or so about getting a FREE COPY OF ISSUE ONE!  Even if you miss out on being in the first five, I will absolutely appreciate the support.

For any questions, comments, on concerns - feel free to message me here on the blog, or write to the zine’s e-mail address (again, that is patrioticvoiceskinzine [at] gmail [dot] com).